How Painting Changed My Life

by Carlotta Proietti
How Painting Changed My Life

In life, my goal is always to strive and aim to face challenges that shape you. COVID has impacted our physical and mental stability in many different ways. 

Abstract painting made me discover my hidden talent and pushed me to believe in my skills.

Growing up as an insecure child I had the luck to have lovely supporting parents. Thanks to their encouragement, I understood the importance of how fundamental it is for one to believe in what you’re passionate about.

What makes my work stand out is the truthfulness my art resembles.

 Most importantly, I had finally found the light to my tunnel. Days where I felt I had a story to tell or even doubts that kept crossing my mind, I liberated that thought through painting.

How painting raised my insecurities to become the public speaker I never imagined to be.

Confidence is key!!

Don’t be afraid of judgment, the only way to overpass that fear is by showing your ability in believing that you can make a difference. Just get out there and do it!!!

Made it a habit

By splashing colors back and forth with my brush, I notice a blend of light and heavy colors. I eared a message coming to life, resembling my feelings at that moment. I started realizing the only way to challenge my fears was to express my thoughts and emotions.

It’s ok to show imperfections

Our world is surrounded by ordinary people who choose to show perfection, believing that that’s their truth. What society is really missing out on is having people show their imperfections? These imperfections put you on the spot to make the world that true beauty relies upon showing your true colors.

Why am I telling you this?

 Nonetheless, there comes a time in our lives when we realize that taking action is what will make the difference. Life’s about focusing on what your heart  rely upon. Choose this road!

Did I get your attention now?

About the author: Carlotta Proietti
I am passionate about the advertising industry as well as the progressing evolution of social media strategies. Mental, physical health and exercising are my essential priority and what will help me thrive in the course of my career.

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