Fun things to do in the Fall

by Himasha Suwaris
Fun things to do in the Fall

With temperatures dropping and leaves changing into a kaleidoscope of colors, fall is essentially in full effect. Here are some fun things to do in the Fall that you don’t want to miss out on. Be it with family, friends or just by yourself, these activities will leave lasting memories and most importantly, a smile on your face. So leaf your worries behind and embrace the beauty of the season by enjoying the cool, crisp days of fall.

From enjoying the season’s simple pleasures like its weather and foliage to planning the perfect fall activity /trip, here’s how you can make the most of this beautiful season with Fun things to do in the Fall.


Apple Picking

While the weather is still crisp and the foliage is at its peak, apple picking ranks as one of the most popular fall activities, especially in Massachusetts (New England). Apple picking is a fun, wholesome activity that more or less defines the season whilst also bringing friends and family together. Some farms supplement apple picking with fall entertainment like live music, festivals, corn mazes, hay rides, and even wine tastings. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and browse the best apple orchards near you and make the most of the season.


Farmers Market

Head over to the farmers market to find out what’s in season and feast your eyes upon all the colorful fall produce. Find the bounty of your town’s agriculture at your local farmers market. From spring until late fall, you can find local growers set up with their canopies and colorful displays of just-harvested fruits and vegetables in town squares, parks and other public spaces. This is the best time to get fresh fall produce and use this opportunity to try a new fall veggie.



This is a great time to start planning out your costumes and décor as Halloween is just around the corner. From trick o treating to costumes to scaring your neighbors and turning your house into a haunted one, October 31st can be very eventful. Search for local Halloween events or parties around your area or head to a theme park and celebrate Halloween with your friends. Or better yet, throw your own Halloween party, there are so many fun and interesting diy Halloween treats and games!


Go on a Hike

This is the perfect weather for hiking. No other season prompts you to pause and look around quite like fall! Do not miss out on the beautiful display of colors and the picture perfect sceneries mother nature has to offer. Compared to the summer most trails in mountains or parks will have less people. This makes it a more serene experience to get the most of fall.


Cozy Roast or Potluck

Host a cozy roast or potluck and invite your friends and family to catch up and make more memories. You could also incorporate a bonfire and a movie marathon to take it up a notch. From roasts to s’mores to scary stories at a bonfire to blankets and hot cocoa while binging, fall has its way of elevating the pleasure that you draw from these activities. You could also do something similar for Thanksgiving which is in November, so don’t forget to be thankful and grateful.


Fall Food

This is the best season for cozy cooking and comfort food. It’s not fall if you don’t indulge in everything that smells, tastes or looks like pumpkin or pumpkin spice. From apple cider to hot cocoa, pies to soups to s’mores and chili. You can’t get enough of food that’s in season. So try something new like a new restaurant or a new recipe and enjoy the flavors of fall. Fall events that are related to food range from, wine tasting to apple picking to pie contests, pumpkin festivals, etc. So make sure to check your local listings, you wouldn’t want to miss this!


Sweater Weather

It goes without saying that a coat will be your greatest asset this season. What’s fall without fashion. This will be a good time to explore a new hobby like knitting and try to make yourself a cute sweater to keep off the cold. Activities include, fall fashion week events and if you are interested this would be a great way to spend the day. You could also go shopping as most places have incredible sales at this time and experiment and try different looks. Nevertheless, grab that coat, slip on those boots and slay this fall.


I hope this will make you excited for Fall as much as I am. There are so many Fun things to do in the Fall and the list is endless! Fall is underrated. I wish people would just look beyond the cold for all the beauty this season has to offer.

About the author: Himasha Suwaris

Hi, my name is Himasha Suwaris and I'm a sophomore at Suffolk University, MA. I am a Philosophy, Politics and Economics major with a minor in Law as well! I love reading and writing, travelling, painting and spending time with family and friends.

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