Does the Beauty Industry Shame Women?

by CharlotteFnug
The Beauty Industry is Shame Women

“Supermodels” who appear in beauty campaigns do not meet the standards. Women deemed the most beautiful in the world are heavily retouched after they are photographed. So does the beauty industry shame women?

Well, it’s pretty obvious that NOBODY meets the beauty industry’s standards.

By keeping those standards out of reach, women are pressured to constantly chase it.
I’ve worked 27 years in the beauty industry and I watch close up how my industry speaks to us women. We are bombarded with advertising “reduce wrinkles 34% in 14 days”, “anti-aging cream keeps you looking young”, etc.

Now, we’re bombarded by various terms that, when consumed hundreds of times a day, enter our subconscious and begin impacting our self-perception. The word “wrinkles” and “anti-age” are still widely used, despite the fact that it endorses ageism and induces aging-related shame.

I’ve talked to young girls who have been bullied at schools due to skin issues such as acne prone skin. Simply because they had acne, they didn’t meet society’s beauty standards.

There is a lot of unnoticed skin shaming taking place around us. Because we have all come to understand these standards as just that – standard – this shaming goes undetected and becomes almost second nature.

On Instagram, women don’t post without the use of face filters. Nose reduction, round cheeks, and bigger lips are the “it-face” at the moment.

Women are scared to show who they truly are for fear of deviating from conventional beauty standard.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the psychological manipulation that is (still) present in the beauty industry advertising. I think the harm these various tactics causes is bigger than we imagine.

In any business, I believe there has to be a balance between profit for shareholders and the good of the people. Whenever profits are prioritized over the mental and physical well-being of the masses, then you’re in unethical territory and you’re doing more harm than good.

So does the beauty industry shame women? That’s a question I hope can be answered by this article.


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About the author: Charlotte Fnug

Hi, my name is Charlotte Fnug.
I’m self-employed. I’m founder of I help women wear all natural makeup powder that feels refreshing and light on skin. I believe women should express themselves on their own terms, with no limits.

You can hit us, kick us, emotionally ignore us but the one thing you can’t do is break us down. It takes willpower, and guts. You are capable of more than you think.

Rulebreakers, like us, make change.

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@peepso_user_1973(Alejandra Morri)
I am not worried about the strong women who are mildly effected by this - I am worried about the teenage girls and early 20 year olds, who are getting bullied and pressured into looking perfect. They are starving themselves and developing mental scars they are going to carry for the rest of their lives.....

Good article.
@peepso_user_4196(Charlotte Fnug)
Thank you. Yes, me too. I am worried when I see young girls pressure them self to a certain look. .
@peepso_user_47(Denise Decker)
@peepso_user_4196(Charlotte Fnug) social media plays a big part in adding pressure to measure up
@peepso_user_4196(Charlotte Fnug)
@peepso_user_47(Denise Decker) Yes it does.
1 year ago
@peepso_user_53(Johnathan Smith)
very good article
1 year ago

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