Disco is NOT dead because the 70’s are back!

by Lana Mehran
Disco is not dead because the 70's are back!

From the hair, to the makeup, to the fashion, and music.

Disco is not dead because the 70's are back!

  • The Tinted Eyewear
  • – The Groovy Floral Patterns
  • – Wide Leg Silhouettes & Cinched waist
  • – Knitted Bra Tops
  • – The Farrah Fawcett Big Wavy Hair
  • – Curtain Bangs
  • – Glitter & Bold Eye Looks

Being eclectic has given Gen Z and the TikTok age something to play around with. Mixing different styles, patterns, and textures in their styles today even if it means topping sequin tops with plain high-waisted flared jeans to amplify the look. 

We absolutely cannot mention the 70s without disco. Latex, leather, sequins, and metallics are what we really need in our wardrobes right now.

Disco is not dead because the 70's are back!

Many brands have been embracing the glam rock and denim everything era. We still have hope to keep this trend going post pandemic regardless of the fact that loungewear has become our everyday safe choice, disco is not as dead as we may think. The optimistic mindset makes us dream of more liberated times and that means the way we express ourselves through fashion.

The bold eye makeup, pigmented cheeks, and big wavy hair are making a huge comeback in 2021.

Making the younger generation explore their unique style with the 70s may be a great way to look forward to this year’s latest trends.

Singer Dua Lipa rocked a Versace couture dress on the Grammy red carpet back in March of this year that reminded fans of Cher’s iconic butterfly dress back in the 1974 Grammy Awards. She nailed this Spring trend at the biggest music event of the year which to some was a bit controversial for being “too” revealing. The dress was embroidered crystals that had cutouts on the side, a thigh-high slit which went perfectly with Lipa’s aesthetic. Her Best Pop Vocal Album win for her 2020 album Future Nostalgia was indeed inspired by the 70s.

The groovy disco like music made this generation obsess over the generation they never got to live in. It made them witness what disco and pop would be like combined today.

Stay groovy!

About the author: Lana Mehran
A Fashion Editor and Stylist with a BA in Communication Studies from Cal State Northridge. Expertise in all things fashion, beauty, pop culture, and wellness. As someone who identifies as third-cultured, I love mixing my diverse background in my writing, art, and fashion. Being from the Middle East and having the Western mix has made me embrace the woman I am.

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