Coffee vs. Tea

by Mila Raque
Coffee vs. Tea

How to Evaluate Coffee Vs. Tea

For many people, it can be confusing and difficult to choose between coffee vs. tea. While so many people drink coffee each day, many of us also drink tea. In order to see which is better for you, we’ll have to look at three main things: caffeine levels, antioxidants, and energy boosts. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant that has some health benefits on its own. But the main reason people consume it is for energy. Antioxidants are substances that help keep your cells healthy and working. Learn more about them here. So, which has more caffeine? Which has more antioxidants? And which gives more energy? Keep reading to find out!


Looking at the first category, coffee has a decent amount of caffeine. Of course, caffeine content varies depending on the brewing time, serving size, and what you add to the mix. In fact, coffee can provide twice the caffeine that a serving of tea can. However, the way this caffeine intake works is very quick. Your body receives the energy quickly and you get an instant pick-me-up. In terms of antioxidants, coffee has more. Actually, coffee is one of the largest sources of antioxidants in most people’s diet.


Tea, like coffee, also contains caffeine However, the caffeine you receive from tea will take a lot longer to work through your system. Interestingly, tea contains a certain chemical which metabolizes caffeine over a longer period of time. In other words, while it won’t give you a bigger buzz, tea will provide a more sustained boost than coffee. Additionally, tea does include antioxidants. Some green and black teas will actually have more antioxidants than certain types of coffee. Tea can also taste better and less bitter than coffee.

The Final Verdict: Coffee vs. Tea?

Both tea and coffee are loaded with antioxidants and caffeine. So, what is the outcome of coffee vs. tea? To be honest, there really isn’t a huge difference between the two in regard to health. In other words, each beverage offers similar benefits in weight loss, anticancer, and energy-boosting. The biggest reason behind choosing one over the other has to do with how your body deals with caffeine. If you are more sensitive, you might want to choose tea over coffee. Additionally, the type of energy you are interested in could be a factor. If you want an instant kick, go for coffee. On the other hand, if you are wanting a smoother boost, go for tea.

Which do you prefer: coffee or tea?

About the author: Mila Raque
Hi! My name is Mila, and I'm a junior in college at Saint Louis University. I'm an English major with a minor in Creative and Professional Writing. Outside of school, I love to work out, spend time outdoors with my friends, draw, read and write. I'm hoping to bring a college student's perspective to HBM :).

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