Cellulite Reduction Treatments Just In Time For Summer!

by DanaCorddry
Cellulite Reduction Treatments Just In Time For Summer!

It’s starting to heat up outside, and we’re on the hunt for cellulite reduction treatments just in time for summer. A common concern during summer months is how to get in beach body shape. Not shockingly, one area that benefits from extra care is our skin.

Intensifying skincare routines is a way to circumvent signs of premature aging, loss of tone and firmness, and cellulite!

Every celebrity and fitness guru has her favored regimen for eliminating cellulite. But it’s helpful to understand the basics about what cellulite is, how it develops, and how to kiss it goodbye for good!

Cellulite Reduction Treatments Just In Time For Summer!

First thing’s first: What IS cellulite?

Cellulite and fat are not interchangeable. “What people call ‘fat’ is subcutaneous adipose tissue. This is fat UNDER the skin, and does not normally cause any bumps to pop out of the surface of the skin. Cellulite, on the other hand, is hypodermal fat. This is “fat WITHIN the skin itself,” according to beauty expert and French Spa owner, Emmanuelle Blanche.

What Causes Cellulite?

Factors that can produce unseemly dimples include: age, genetics, inflammation, increased fatty tissue, poor diet, lack of exercise, and dehydration.

What Techniques Will Rid Me of Cellulite This Summer?

Method #1: Never Underestimate The Impact of Nutrition

There are many healthy lifestyle changes we can make to replenish our skin from the inside out. Stars like Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, and Jessica Alba swear by the Paleo diet. This diet eliminates processed foods and pre-Paleolithic era grains. Additionally, it reduces sugar intake, preventing the break-down of cells. Simultaneously, it increases consumption of collagen-packed foods like lean meats and bone broth. The result is a more youthful looking skin tone.

After that, another cellulite blasting diet, championed by power couple Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen, is the anti-inflammatory diet. Many professional athletes swear by the regimen’s ability to increase energy, lessen injury and recovery times, and improve stamina.

The effects of sticking to alkaline foods reduce inflammation on a cellular level. Thus, tissue inflammation is decreased. Clean eating also produces fewer toxins, creating less opportunity for detoxifying waste to accumulate in the form of dimpled thighs!

To put your cellulite blasting into overdrive, take Jessica Biel’s advice to cut dairy from your diet. Nutritionists have found a connection between dairy products and that unwanted “cottage cheese” affect they can leave on thighs.

Method #2: Brazilian Massage

Brazilian massage utilizes vigorous movements like kneading, sliding, pinching, and percussion. These techniques affect muscles without directly manipulating fatty tissue. Thus, Brazilian massage reduces cellulite by strokes, which encourage the body’s own detoxification process of lymphatic drainage.

Similarly, all lymphatic drainage massage methods will produce healthier lymph flow. “The strokes are gentle and light, as the focus is to promote the circulation of the lymph fluid to the lymph nodes, says Blanche.

Method #3: The Game Changer — Palper Rouler

On the other hand, Palper Rouler (pronounced pal-peh-roo-leh), is a body contouring treatment providing long term elimination of cellulite. It employs a French technique of skin rolling combined with myofascial release to eliminate fat cells, thus resulting in weight loss, improved skin texture, and detoxification.

“The main difference between the Palper Rouler and the Brazilian massage is that the skin rolling technique is more effective in releasing the fascia and breaking up the fat deposits.

This manual technique of pinching and rolling breaks down fat cells that lie right beneath the skin,” says Blanche. In addition, she notes that she’s seen dramatic results in her clients even after a small number of treatments.

In conclusion, these are some great ways to cellulite reduction treatments just in time for summer and that bikini-body! I hope this helps!


About the author: Dana Corddry
I'm a writer and publicist who lives in Los Angeles, California with a passion for fashion and design.

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