Brands and Their Importance in Fashion and Quality Care

by MissLinda
Brands and Their Importance in Fashion and Quality Care

Brands and Their Bearings

I am a brand influencer and ambassador for all kinds of beauty and hair product brands. I keep up with all kinds of fashion, clothing, and trending styles. As well, I keep up with all kinds of women’s lingerie and underwear, as well as shape-wears, beauty makeup kits, and beauty products. In the realm of jewelry, I love gold and diamond jewelry, specifically rings. Of all the jewelry brands, I would have to say that my favorite is Pandora. Their rings and earrings stand out like no other. I also love purses, bags, watches, and all other types of accessories. I advertise all kinds of products across the world.

The Importance of Organic Products

I am also a fashion designer and stylist, as well as a hair stylist and makeup stylist. My favorite makeup brand is Victoria’s Secret makeup beauty kits. My favorite branded perfumes are also Victoria’s Secret perfumes. For skin care products, my absolute favorite is Palmer’s cocoa butter lotions and creams. I love quality and organic products, so I love to pick up the best of the best among products. I also love to try other new and quality products from time to time. Victoria’s Secret Glam beauty bags and beauty kits are some of my favorites.

Branding in Fashion

I love my Coach brand watches, and Gucci and Dolce & Gabanna are on my list to get. Louis Vuitton is also one of the best and longest lasting brands. I also enjoy my Coach sneakers, purses, and bags, as they are a high quality leather. I brand and advertise my own clothing line as well. It is called House of Serwaah Clothing Line and Fashion Couture. I brand t-shirts, Polo Shirts, handbags, cardigans and sweaters for the winter and spring seasons. My line appeals to both women and men in all colors and sizes with beautiful customized designs. I also design and customize ceramic mugs, aluminum bottles, and wine sets.

Hair Products

I also advertise and brand all kinds of beauty and hair products. Currently, I am the CEO of Serwaah Hair Braiding and Beauty Salon. My services include doing hair braids in single braids, corn rolls and french braids. I also advertise all kinds of hair shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, relaxers and sprays for consultation services. It is important to me to choose for my customers the most quality and organic hair care products for all their hair care needs. I love olive oil hair relaxer extra strength products because they keep hair growing healthy, strong, and shiny. It helps against dandruff, lice, and breakage in the hair. It is one of the best hair products that I have ever used. Healthy and growing hair is all that every woman needs to look good and feel good.

Skin and Beauty Products

I also brand, advertise, and sell skin care beauty products and beauty makeup kits. My favorite skin care is Palmer’s cocoa butter lotions and creams, but I also love Clear Essence Maxi Tone Beauty skin care lotions and beauty products. They both tone your skin very well and do not bleach it at all. I also love Palmer’s oil, bio oil, and other organic body oils as well. Body wash products for bathing are also very important for every woman. I love the Bath and Body Works bathing products, as they come in different flavors and all smell great. Feeling good and fresh all the time is what every beautiful and confident woman needs. My favorite beauty makeup kits are Victoria’s Secret beauty makeup kits. They are high quality and lasting. They come in different colors and in beautiful beauty bags.

My Services

As the CEO of Linda Nimakoh Enterprise, which is an advertising and modeling agency, I train models in fashion, advertising products and services, media and radio training, acting, and journalism. As well, I train fashion costumiers, hair stylists, cosmologists, and beauty consultants. Self branding and professional branding are highly important for your success and excellence in all of life’s ambitions and endeavors. You can get an affordable consultation in any of these categories from me today!

Best Regards,
Linda Nimakoh
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Availble 24/7.

About the author: Linda Nimakoh.

My name is Linda Nimakoh. I am A Women Empowerment advocate , i am A Woman of God of my ministry, Bethel Empire Global Ministries and Minister Linda Nimakoh Ministries, Find me on Facebook . I am Also A Relationship and marriage Counselor, A Fashion, Beauty and Films coach. I host A Love Talk Show on Godly Relationships and Godly marriages online on all social media Platforms, On Facebook , Find my Love Talk Show on, Facebook, Women Pillow Love Talk Show, Adam and Eve Talk Show, and Time with Minister Linda Talk Show on Facebook and Instagram. I love helping Women to become the Best Version of Themselves through their Purpose, their God given Talents and Skills . i Host A Fashion and Beauty Show online Called " Miss Personality Fashion Tv Show Africa " online on Facebook, Instagram and find me on YouTube on my Counseling and Prayers on " BethelEmpireTv" and also on our Facebook Page.
I am An Entrepreneur, A Fashion Designer , Films coach and A Cosmetologist and A Beauty Consultant.
You can send me All Your Emails of Prayers and Counselling through my Email:
I Believe that Every Woman was born with A Purpose and some God given Talents and i am willing to help as many Women as i can across the Borders of this world. I always Empower women to Believe in themselves and Believe in God, that they can do anything that they set their faith and trust in, through christ. I Also Encourage Women to Support Eachother and together We will have A New Generation of Great Women and A New Generation of Successful Women of Purpose and Great Legacies.
" Women You are Priceless"
" Love Always conquers All "
Linda Kyei Nimakoh
Contact: 001 630 755 1521

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