Bikram or Hot Yoga

Bikram or Hot Yoga became a lifestyle for many people.

In the past, the primary and main focus of the original yoga was mind focus and spiritual energy. Today, modern yoga offers exercise, strength, flexibility, stability, and breathing. It combines physical and mental well-being. There are many styles of yoga, and no style is more authentic to another.

“Bikram” which is the same as “hot” yoga originated in India. It occurs in artificially heated rooms at a temperature of 95 degrees. The heated environment helps to prepare the body/ muscles to move.  In addition, it removes “impurities” from the body.
Hot yoga maintains the main points of energy centers, thoughts, feelings, and the physical body. Moreover, it balances physical and emotional energy, which helps to reduce lethargy, anxiety, and poor digestion.

Four main benefits of Hot Yoga.

Those who practice hot yoga know that it has many benefits. Here are the main ones:

• Detoxification
Because of the heated environment, heavy sweating helps to reduce detoxification, flushing toxins from the skin through sweat.

• Flexibility
Heated conditions prepare the muscles to move easily. Moreover, it allows you to go deeper into postures and develop more strength and flexibility.

• Mental concentration
The heat helps to get more focused on breathing.

Breathing in a heated environment relaxes the body, improves breathing, and develops better mental concentration.

One of the recent styles of hot yoga which has become notorious in modern yoga is called “Barre”. It originates from Germany, by a German ballerina, named Lotte. 

She combined rhythmic dance moves with Pilates, yoga, and physical therapy exercises. This is a hard workout mainly leg-centric, thigh, and glute work. It helps to build a specific set of muscles by micro-movements. This style of yoga came to the United States by Lotte’s students and has become very famous among yoga lovers.

In addition to all the benefits of hot yoga, it is an excellent weight loss program.

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