Benefits (and Necessity) of Sunscreen

by Mina Weeks
Benefits (and Necessity) of Sunscreen

The sun is out just about always. Yes, even on cloudy days. I couldn’t believe it either. We are constantly exposed to UV rays that give us gorgeous tans and sun-kissed freckles, but there’s a dark side to these rays. Skin cancer, sunspots, premature ageing, and burns all lurk behind our sun’s rays, all of which permanently damage our body. It’s vital that we protect our skin while we get our tan, so let’s talk about the benefits (and necessity) of sunscreen.

The benefits (and necessity) of sunscreen start with anti-ageing.

Nothing is wrong with ageing. Our bodies age, and it happens whether we like it or not. It’s beautiful and natural. But most people don’t want to have the ageing of 40 years when they are only 25. Sun and UV rays damage our skin barriers. This then makes our skin less elastic and more prone to sagging and lines. Sunscreen can help prevent this by protecting our skin from the UV rays that cause it.

Sunspots are another concern.

The Benefits (and Necessity) of SunscreenSunspots look like little patches of darker skin, like moles but less dark and usually larger. They also happen naturally with age, but they increase in number and size with UV exposure, and they can look unsightly in the wrong places. Sunscreen helps block the UV rays that cause them.

Skin Cancer prevention is one of sunscreen’s most important benefits.

This is the most dangerous of all. Exposure to UV rays greatly increases your risk for skin cancer, and it travels too. You can get cancer on your stomach just from having your arms in the sun. Harmless moles can turn into melanomas. Too much UV exposure and skin cancer happen to all skin colours as well; darker skin might be safe from sunburns, but not from UV rays.

Sunscreen is essential in preventing skin cancer. Use it.

The Benefits (and Necessity) of SunscreenAll different types of sunscreens exist depending on your needs.

Facial sunscreens are useful if you break out easily, and sunscreens made for darker skin tones are increasing in abundance. Say goodbye to white-cast! Reef-safe sunscreens are mainstream now for beach babes who don’t want to damage wildlife with chemical sunscreens.

All sorts of sundresses and beach hats with certified UV protective materials are available on Amazon to help double up the protection.

If you struggle to remember to reapply sunscreen throughout the day, UPF hats are a great way to protect your face and shoulders from the sun. This cute beach hat with special UV protection is a great way to double up the protection. I bought this wide-brim UPF hat last year and it’s done wonders for protecting my skin and eyes.

Apply sunscreen after your moisturiser each morning, then reapply every couple of hours if you are in the sun (even on a cloudy day.) This will keep your skin looking healthy, glowing, and cancer-free. The benefits (and necessity) of sunscreen are clear as day.

Sunscreen is a need, not an option.

About the author: Mina Weeks
Hi, I'm Mina! I'm 20 years old and currently living in the high mountains of Utah. I love writing more than anything in the world, and I specialise mostly in nutrition, body positivity, and mental health, though fashion is a total weak spot for me. Since I have many friends who live around the world, I love observing fashion and music trends from different countries and areas of the world. Body positivity and mental health are super important to me, and I love spreading that love and comfort to others.

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