Astrology Affects our Characteristics

by Emily Komer
Astrology Affects our Characteristics

The environment people grow up in, affects personality traits directly. Also, so do our parents and childhood events. But, there is another factor- our zodiac signs.

Zodiac signs affect our personality because everyone has a different chart based on when and where they were born.

Zodiac sign is not based on month because some sign dates start at the end of the month. Someone born in September does not automatically make one a Virgo because Libra season begins on September 23. Being a Virgo would make one loyal, practical, and loves to feel useful. Each sign has its own specific traits that make one unique. 

One may say they do not believe in astrology– which is totally okay! But, it is important to learn how astrology affects our characteristics. Someone could be a Libra but that does not fully determine their traits. Everyone has a sun, moon, and rising sign. The sun sign is someone’s basic identity and it is based on your birthdate.

Moon signs determine what rules our emotions and rising signs are how we act off a first impression or even how we look!

Sun, moon, and rising bases on birth date, place, and time. There are applications and search engines that allow the calculation of these charts, for example, the app, CoStar. There are many more planets that are in our zodiac charts such as Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and more! Also, each planet is ruled by a zodiac sign. A Sagittarius or even Pisces is ruled by Jupiter- the planet of growth, abundance, luck, travel, etc. Find out what yours is today!

Further reading into our own personalized charts, people can understand themselves and their emotions in a different and interesting way. Zodiac charts allow others to learn how they process emotions, treat others, and how to treat themselves. Zodiac signs teach people their strengths and weaknesses, how to handle conflict in your life or with others, and zodiac sign compatibility.

For fun, find out your zodiac chart and compare it with your friends, partners, or look at compatibility with old relationships and it will make total sense as to why things may have not worked out. It makes sense as to why astrology affects our characteristics. 

Zodiac signs are important to the development of humans because it allows one to reach the highest versions of themselves.

Do you know your astrology chart by heart?

About the author: Emily Komer
Hi, my name is Emily Komer and I attend Michigan State University. I am a journalism major and am doing a minor in Spanish as well! I love traveling and spending time with friends and family.

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