5 Health Habits You Must Try This Winter

by miadawes11
Healthy Habits for the fall 2020

Have you been wanting to change your health habits? With these 5 health habits you must try this fall, your immune system will be improved. Maintaining healthy habits is always important and now more than ever with the current pandemic.

Here are 5 health habits you must try this fall!

1.Cut out sugar-sweetened beverages

Avoiding sugar-sweetened beverages decreases the risk of getting fatty liver disease and heart disease as well. Sugary drinks also cause your teeth to rot and leads to high blood pressure. Avoiding these beverages will also help avoid metabolic issues.

2. Yoga and Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises will help you lower stress in your body. Yoga helps improve your mental well-being and boosts your metabolism. It reduces the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. 

3. Eat more fruits

This will provide health-boosting antioxidants. Eating a lot of fruits also reduces the risk of diabetes or heart disease. Eating fruits first thing in the morning is great to aid with digestion for your next meals. 

4. Belly Laugh Everyday

Laughing reduces stress chemicals and improves your immune system. It will also help let go of any negative emotions. Belly laughing also enhances your oxygen intake, which is great for your lungs.

5. Drink Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water will help cleanse your liver and your skin. Lemon water supports hydration, boosts your metabolism, and increases weight loss. It will also give you a boost of vitamin C.

This will have you glowing!

It’s always important to seek out natural remedies for for any health issues our bodies might be facing or to prevent them from occurring. This will help us get to the root of the problem to diminish any bad bacteria. Show love to your body this fall and try out these 5 health habits this fall!

Let me know how you’ll be taking care of yourself this fall, 


About the author: Mia Dawes
Hi there! I'm Mia, a makeup and skincare product lover. I'm a very business-minded person as well as a creative individual. I love to solve problems by utilizing my gift of creativity. I'm currently studying Marketing at the University of San Francisco for my bachelors degree and plan on getting my Master's Degree after. I've always enjoyed writing in school especially argumentative/persuasive essays. I also love graphic design and intend to incorporate that somehow in my career.

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