30 Day Kindness Challenge

by Lori Gradley
30 Day Kindness Challenge

Showing Kindness Benefits Everyone

Kindness is the light that dissolves all walls between souls, families, and nations. (Paramahansa Yogananda)

Everyone needs support and encouragement now and then. It is especially important when experiencing illness, divorce, pregnancy, depression, aging parents, and other difficult life challenges. You may be able to support someone else if you have experienced these challenges yourself.

If you have ever had a stranger buy you a coffee, give you a genuine compliment, or take a moment to hold a door, you know that those small acts of kindness are appreciated. You can spread the same good feelings by doing similar activities.  Spend a few minutes in your day to offer reassurance with our article 14 Random Acts of Kindness.

I have also come across a really cool 30 Day Kindness Challenge that I have tried myself and thought you would like. It is completely FREE. It is impactful, positive, supports others, as well as benefits yourself!

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We will promptly send you the Free 30 Day Kindness Challenge pdf file, a personal self assessment for you to complete at your own pace as well as the 14 Random Acts of Kindness article.  

Get involved! You would be surprised the numerous benefits this offers for both you and others.    

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