20 Things I learned in 2020

by mikaylastiff
20 Things I learned in 2020

We’ve all learned a few things from this year, here’s 20 things I learned in 2020

This year I kept thinking that it was a waste of a year, that I would have to wait this one out until I could finally grow and learn. Little did I know that those months in quarantine and remote working would lead me to some valuable lessons. I made a list of 20 things I learned in 2020, which has been a year of discovery of self. 

20 Things I Learned in 2020

Below are some light-hearted and serious discoveries that I came across this year:

  1. I love my sweatpants
  2.  Zoom is more than running fast
  3. Anti-bacterial dries out your skin20 Things I learned in 2020
  4. Macne (mask acne) is a thing
  5. Vaccines are in again
  6. Family time isn’t so bad
  7. Blue light glasses are the new contacts
  8. Outdoor time is the best time
  9. It’s normal to feel lonely in isolation
  10. Politicians can be stressed too
  11. Never take traveling for granted
  12. Emotional support animals should be normalized
  13. 80s trends never died
  14. Social media is taking over the world
  15. True friends will reach out
  16. Resiliency is developed, not acquired
  17. Hardship is strengthening
  18. Boarders seem arbitrary until they’re closed
  19. Rules are meaningless unless they’re enforced
  20. Lastly, Love conquers all

*Bonus: 21. Get Disney+

The important things in life defined 2020. 

Although these discoveries vary in intensity and meaningfulness, I felt them deeply and they will always bring me back to this specific time of life. A time where wearing comfortable clothes became the new normal, resources dwindled, and true values surfaced.

20 Things I learned in 2020

Additionally, this was a year that defined the important things in life and exercised the muscle of adaptability and grief. Feelings of sadness, loneliness, and loss are a part of life. When those things are explored more thoroughly, there is freedom in emotion and in the possibilities of life.

Most importantly, I hope that this list gave you some encouragement!
Let me know what kind of things you have learned this year.
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About the author: Mikayla Stiff

I am a college student in Los Angeles studying Screenwriting at Biola University. Storytelling is my passion. The best part about it is that it can be done with all sorts of mediums of expression! I love to tell stories through writing and dancing. Growing up overseas in Guatemala and Spain has given me a greater understanding of the world, as well as a love for travel and exploring. I find that I am most inspired when I am in a new place. I believe that every person and place has a story that is worth telling. As an intern for HBM, I am excited to exercise my writing and showcase my work! I hope to inspire others to share their story through platforms such as this one.
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