2 Summer Recipes you cannot miss making

by Carlotta Proietti
2 Summer Recipes you cannot miss making

Summer is here and let me tell you, there’s nothing better than eating fresh plates to cool you up. This season is my favorite!!! With outdoor activities, water sports, nightlife and family reunions, and fresh absorbable platters.., it cannot go better than this.

One of my favorites things to do in the summer is helping my mom in the kitchen where all the magic happens.

Due to the strong and heavy heat, our body suggests light and digestible food

Because in the winter our body requires heat, we automatically intake more food in the system. Thus is the summer our body is already warm on the outside; we instead inject less food to feel less heat. Of course, we have moments when we are surrounded by friends and family where we might get dragged on. In this case, we start feeling dizzy and disoriented; let’s avoid this from happening by:

Replacing our meals with two of the most convenient summer recipes your body will thank you for.

Mediterranean Mix Salad:

This salad is definitely my favorite out of the hundred thousand types that are out there. There is nothing better than feeling good and at ease while lying in the sun at your beach stability.

All you need to make this unbelievable platter are:

– Gardening tomatoes
– Red Onions from Tropea
– Gardening Cucumber
– Fresh Basil
– Seasoned up with salt, pepper, and Extra-virgin Olive oil

There is no correct way to prepare this dish, and that is the beauty of it. Either commencing from chopping the tomatoes, cucumbers or onions, makes this deliciousness even more pleasing.

Up next is:

A Mixed rice salad

– White rice
– Tomatoes
– Tuna
– Mozzarella cubes
– Olives
– Peas
– Carrots
– Extra-virgin Olive oil
– Seasoned up with salt, pepper, and basil leaves

This specialty will prevent your stomach from feeling bloated and it is super easy to prepare.

After cooking a fair amount of white rice, let it cool in a wide gauge aluminum pan until the rice reaches normal temperature.

Remember to incorporate at least one dietary supplement during your holiday break. Enjoy the summer while watching the sunset vanish in between the trees and feeling good with yourself.

And you? Are you ready to get your hands dirty?

About the author: Carlotta Proietti
I am passionate about the advertising industry as well as the progressing evolution of social media strategies. Mental, physical health and exercising are my essential priority and what will help me thrive in the course of my career.

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